A Midi Coach that doesn’t just fulfil the tasks it’s set, but makes that all important difference, offering flexibility, safety, economic efficiency and quality.
As you would come to expect from UNVI, the Voyager GT is built to a high standard.  Its solid construction, impressive styling and high quality interior finish will guarantee passengers a pleasant, comfortable and most importantly a safe and secure environment for their journey.

The Voyager GT is built on Mercedes Benz Atego Chassis.  Powered by the Mercedes OM934LA engine, the Voyager GT is available with a choice of power ratings from 130kW (177hp) to 170kW (231hp) each designed for maximum fuel efficiency, maximum torque & driveability, low noise and a long life with unsurpassed reliability.

All ratings are offered complying with the most stringent Euro VI emissions standard, helping you, the operator, to future-proof your business.

For coach operators who require something a little more unique, with their expertise UNVI can create a bespoke Voyager GT interior tailored to meet the operator’s individual requirements.